A Look at the Most Expensive Guns: Vandal, Phantom, Odin and Operator

THE BIG ONES: Valorant Quick Weapon Guide

Valorant Weapon Guide

Valorant Weapon Guide (Image credit: Riot Games)

Valorant VICTORY, the credits are rolling in! What high-cost weapon do I buy? Odin, Phantom, Vandal or Operator - What BIG ONE is right for me? Today we look at the most expensive weapons in Valorant in this get rich or die tryin' guide.

We start off with the easy buys, the Phantom and Vandal which are easily the most popular guns in Valorant.

Break Some Stuff With the VANDAL

Valorant Vandal Weapon Guide

The Vandal (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Vandal’s Stats

  • Has a 25-round magazine
  • With Automatic Fire
  • Always deals same damage at any range
  • 2,900 Credits

The Vandal is a headshot weapon - it will secure a kill with a hit to the head at any range. However, if your target has full HP with Shields - it will take four body shots before you can Ace. The gun’s spray pattern is extremely hard to control. After the first 2 bullets, it loses precision and kicks up. As you reach 9 bullets the gun is wild and kicks left and right. The Vandal’s barrel loves to move making it a hard gun to hit with at a far range.

Buy TIP: The gun is best at short-medium ranges. It is still able to cover long ranges if you have the control and need high damage. Possibly play it on a Long.

Best Agent(s): Sage, or any support role agent not rushing in.

Ghost the Enemy With This PHANTOM Killing Machine!

Valorant Phantom Weapon Guide

The Phantom (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Phantom's Stats

  • Has a 30-round magazine
  • With burst fire
  • Damage drops off at long range
  • 2,900 Credits

The gun’s bullet spray kicks up after the first bullet, so you need to adjust to a slightly lower reticle placement. If you hold a longer burst the gun moves right to left and dips down again. This gun demands a lot of control. It can headshot but has low body damage at 35 per hit.

Buy TIP: Use it for flanking as it has noise suppression or mid-long defensive holds. A good quick peek weapon.

Best Agent(s): Controllers like Cypher or Brimstone

The ODIN: A Godlike Weapon!

Valorant Odin Weapon Guide

The Odin (Image credit: Riot Games)

The Odin’s Stats:

  • Has a 100-round magazine
  • Automatic fire that picks up speed
  • Damage drops off at far range
  • 3,200 Credits

It’s a chain gun. It’s big and heavy, causing you to move slow and it is not as accurate as other guns. The hipfire mode fires rapidly but is less accurate, and the aim mode fires slower reducing recoil. A monster gun to hold down a position - but not a great 1v1 weapon.

Buy TIP: If you think a larger team firefight is coming, or you are holding a high traffic chokepoint the Odin can get the job done.

Best Agents:
Killjoy or Brimstone, any agents good at holding choke points.

This Is the OPERATOR, Do You Need a Headshot?

Valorant Operator Weapon Guide

(Image Credit: Riot Games)

Operator’s Stats

  • Has a 5-round magazine
  • No damage drop-off at far range
  • Semi-Automatic
  • 4,500 Credits

The most expensive gun in Valorant so far. It has no accuracy penalty if standing still. While moving the aim trails towards the path you move. A kill on head or body shots, but not the legs! A 2x and 5x zoom at your disposal - making it a defensive powerhouse.

Buy Tip: Not the best for offensive pushes, but great if you can find a high spot to camp while on a choke point or defense.

Best Agents: Jett or Omen are the best choices as Map position is key. Both can get too hard to reach places where enemies won’t often look, while at least until you blow off their head.

You need to spend credits to make credits. Expensive choices need to be made when those important buy rounds come up for your squad. Consider what heavy hitter matches your play style and when in doubt go for the trusty Phantom. It's always a safe buy until you die! Good luck Agents!

Want more Valorant news? Stay tuned to EarlyGame for everything esports and gaming - that’s it for now GAMERS.

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