The Best Valk Cam Spots on Outback – EVERY SITE COVERED! | EarlyGame

The Best Valk-Cam Spots on Outback – EVERY SITE COVERED!


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Rainbow Six Siege has many operators that you can master. Valkyrie is probably one of the operators with the highest skill ceilings because you must always know some good places to put your Black Eye Cameras. Those spots should be very hard to find, but also have to grant a lot of vision for the cam to be useful. Considering the number of maps in Rainbow Six Siege and the fact that e each of them has 4 sites where you will need 3 spots to put your Valk Cams... that's quite a task.

But don't you worry, as always EarlyGame is here for you! We're gonna show you the very best Valk-Cam spots on every map. Starting with Outback!

Now just sit back and try to remember all those sneaky spots we're gonna show you!


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