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The Best Snipers in Warzone

Call of Duty

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Sniper rifles are present in every shooter and are the ideal choice when it comes to taking out enemies at particularly long distances. This makes them perfect for Warzone, where skirmishes usually take place at long range. If you’re good at quick-scoping then using a sniper will definitely give you the edge as you’ll be able to get kills with a single shot most of the time.

Currently, there are four different sniper rifles in CoD: Warzone and Modern Warfare:

The Dragunov has the highest fire rate, but due to its low damage, it often needs more than one shot to take out enemies, which makes it also the weakest sniper.

The AX-50 is effective at all distances and is often used for quick-scoping, especially in multiplayer. Many players would probably rank it higher, but we simply find the following two better.

The Rytec AMR is also semi-automatic but has the same caliber as the AX-50 and the HDR. The best thing about it is that it can shoot fire and explosive ammunition, which makes it dangerous even against vehicles.

Finally, the HDR is the king of long-range, thanks to its high damage and minimal bullet drop. Since fighting in Warzone often takes place over long distances, it makes it to our 1st place.

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