Friendly (and not-so friendly) rivalries in esports

Best Rivalries in Esports

Faze COD

FaZe vs Optics – a rivalry worth remembering. (Image credit: Gamepedia)

Between the amazing matches and high-action moments in esports, it’s easy to lose sight of the people behind those plays – and the ongoing interactions between players and teams. Along the way, some conflicts between esports pros made history – their rivalries taking years to unfold.

Call of Duty – FaZe vs OpTic

This rivalry spans across games – and it started with YouTube videos of Call of Duty. When both teams joined competitive gaming and thus started competing against each other, fans often got excited – and with both teams at the top of their respective scenes, the FaZe vs OpTic rivalry was no small deal.

These two esports rivals really kept going strong over the years, even meeting in matches in games other than Call of Duty, though that is where it all began.

Here's how FaZe's Dillon "Attach" Price talks of the rivalry with a lot of fondness and remembrance of a good time:

Video credit: Attach via YouTube

Super Smash Bros. Melee – Armada vs Mang0

The single-player Smash Bros Melee game is the perfect setting for two esports rivals to compete – and as such, it played host to one of the biggest rivalries a Nintendo game has ever seen – Adam "Armada" Lindgren vs Joseph Manuel "Mang0" Marquez.

Armada Mango rivalry

Armada vs Mango – the best esports rivals in Super Smash (Video credit: TheWaffle77 via YouTube)

The rivalry between the two kicked off in 2009 and it lasted all the way until Armada retired in 2018.

He ended his career on a high note – by knocking Mango out in the losers final of Evo 2018. A fitting end to a decade-long rivalry!

Mang0 talking about Armada's retirement, hopeful that his rival will make a return. (Video credit: Cloud9 via YouTube)

StarCraft: Broodwar – Flash vs Jaedong

One of the biggest rivalries in esports history began in 2007 when Lee “Jaedong” Jae Dong and Lee “Flash” Young Ho met each other in the Korean StarCraft scene.

Jaedong v Flash esports rivals

Flash vs Jaedong - SC rivals for the ages (Image credit: Bonjwa)

Jaedong readily beat just about everyone – with the exception of Flash, who regularly beat him. The two would meet several times a month, and neither could ever decisively beat the other – it was always too close to call.

Every match between the two was highly anticipated by fans since nobody could really predict which way it would go – one of the best rivalries esports have witnessed!

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