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Valve’s three new heroes are okay-ish.

Best Heroes for Aghanim’s Labyrinth – Apex Mage

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Aghanim’s Labyrinth recently received an update as Valve added three new heroes, two new room modifiers, and a brand-new difficulty – Apex Mage.

Less than a week ago, Valve added three new heroes to the seasonal event – Aghanim’s Labyrinth. The new additions to the mode are Templar Assassin, Queen of Pain, and Slark. Each of them is AoE-oriented, but TA is probably the worst. Slark serves as a hybrid of DPS and Tank thanks to his passive that gives him both damage and damage reduction. QoP is basically the same hero so she offers no surprises with her kit.

Why Are Some Heroes Bad?

Most bosses, if not all, have really high armor, lots of health (depending on the difficulty), and no magic resistance. Naturally, heroes that deal magic damage or build items that deal magic damage are really good.

TA doesn’t hit from far enough and deals physical damage (pure if there are targets for Psy Blades but in the last boss, there aren’t many). She has good single target dps and can clear with the pure damage, but just lacks in certain departments for the final boss. Queen doesn’t offer much except AoE magic damage but has excellent mobility.

If you made it to difficulty 4 or 5, you know your way around the labyrinth and what to expect. Some room modifiers are a nightmare to deal with and others are just easy. Out of the newly added ones, meteoric is probably the most annoying but unlike on release, it now has channel time and shows you where it’ll drop. Thanks, Valve.

Dota 2 Winter Wyvern
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The Best Heroes You Can Pick

  • Winter Wyvern – without a doubt, Wyvern is the most broken hero at the moment. She has AoE magic damage and mobility with her Q, she can hit from far away, can save teammates with her E and her ultimate is just absurd. Using Winter’s Curse, you can kill the final boss with his own golems.
  • Slark – Why pick a tank like Mars when you can go for Slark? The hybrid dps and tank truly shines with his skills. A mix of mobility, damage and survivability, Slark can survive almost any situation.
  • Weaver – Weaver might have a shorter range when compared to Sniper or Winter Wyvern but makes up for it with great mobility. Investing into a lower cooldown of Shukuchi is often worth it, especially on the final level.
  • Viper – Viper’s main weakness is his low base movement speed. That’s easily fixed with talents and high-tier boots. On the plus side, Viper deals exclusively magic damage and amplifies all magic damage for the whole team. That’s amazing versus the final boss, as we’ve already mentioned Aghanim has no magic resistance.

Note that in theory, you should be able to finish the labyrinth with any lineup as it all mostly depends on good coordination with your team and items – just like in Dota! We're not saying you should aim to pick the four heroes above, but getting at least Viper and Winter Wyvern will guarantee that you get some serious magic damage in. Also with WW, you can do this.

Recommended Items for Apex Mage

The items you want to get should help you survive and deal magic damage. Those include:

  • Force Staff/Hurricane Pike – If you’re playing a ranged hero, it’s just too good to pass on it.
  • Black King Bar – Really handy for a lot of situations, especially the final boss where once you activate it, nothing except the golems can hit you.
  • Mjollnir/Malestrom – While it’s good for clearing waves throughout the rooms, it falls short in terms of damage against Aghanim
  • Monkey King Bar – Probably the best DPS item you can get. It gives you attack speed, damage and magic damage procs on almost every attack.

BKB and MKB are by far the two must-have items if you want to have an easier time on the final boss. Everything else is optional.

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