The only thing that changes is the ring pattern

The best drop locations in Apex Legends System Override

Deja loot system override

Some of the new skins in System Override. (Image credit: Respawn Entertainment)

System Override is the latest event to hit Apex Legends and with it came the Deja Loot mode. For the duration, until March 14 all items will respawn at the same place, while only the dropship route and circles change daily. Check out some of the best locations to drop into.

Thanks to items respawning at the same spot it was fairly easy for players to map down what’s where. We already saw a couple of maps which managed to cover most of the things one would be usually interested in. So far the best one was a combined effort by multiple people, posted by reddit user /u/Skovosity.

Apex legends deja loot map

Most of the loot for Deja Loot is already known (Image credit: /u/Skovosity)

Based on what we see on the map, there’s a couple of locations that stand out with the most to offer. Keep in mind that they might also prove to be the most dangerous as there’s a high chance others will also want the same loot as you do.

The Epicenter

Starting with the big one, the chances of encountering other squads here will be big and for good reason. There’s lots of loot and it’s all good. If we take a look at the map above we’ll also notice a gold barrel stabilizer and a golden armor. Last but not least The Epicenter and the nearby region contains the most Evo Shields. It also provides easy access to the next location on our list.

The Skyhook

The Skyhook was a popular destination before due to the relatively good defence from all sides it provides. The best course of action would be to rush the gold items and leave the area as soon as possible. In Deja Loot we’ll find a golden Sentinel, a golden Knockdown Shield and a golden armor.

The Train Yard

The train much like the Skyhook isn’t exactly a safe spot to land in and it’s perfect for those who want some early player versus player. While the yard itself doesn’t contain the highest quality loot or the most of it, there’s a golden armor hidden to the south and easy access to some of the other locations we’ve already mentioned.

The Planet Harvester

This is the one location that’s closest to the map’s center, so it’s a good choice in that regard. It also contains some high-quality loot, Evo shields, golden Anvil and a golden Backpack to the east. The harvester is good choke point to hold as other groups will probably come from the Sorting Factory and nearby locations. If you’re lucky with the ring you just might make it to the end. At least one of those days when the pattern goes your way.

In the current System Override event, the northern side of World’s Edge seems to be much more popular as a whole. That’s mainly due to the fact that players used to go there even before the start of Deja Loot and now with the edition of Evo Shields, the south might be the safer choice if you’re trying to avoid trouble. Which is your favorite location to land in?

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