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The best Android games currently available

The best Android games currently available Frotnite nutcracker
Image credit: Epic Games

Need that gaming itch? These are our picks for the top Android games right now.


The best android games currently available Fortnite
Fortnite definitely makes it into our list (Image credit: Epic Games)

One of the top gaming mobile apps of all time, Fortnite is the OG battle royale-style third person shooter that’s saturated in color and strategy. Even if you can’t secure the epic victory royale, Fortnite is an all-around fun game to play. Now where should we drop this time...

Into the Dead 2

The best android games currently available Into the Dead 2
Who doesn’t love Zombie killing) (Image credit: PikPok)

Who doesn’t love Zombie killing? Into the Dead 2 is the second game in the series and puts players right into the fight, running through areas teeming with undead. The players have no choice but to keep going forward to progress, picking up weapons along the way to help them further survive the Zombie apocalypse.

Minecraft: Pocket Edition

The best android games currently available Minecraft: Pocket Edition
The mobile version of Minecraft is incredibly successful putting you in a randomly generated world (Image credit: Mojang AB)

Up there with Fortnite, Minecraft: Pocket Edition is an incredibly successful game that puts the player in a randomly generated world where they can fight, build and explore incredible terrains. In addition to complex crafting, you can expect to go up against many mobs during the night. Just don’t get blown up by a Creeper.

Alto’s Odyssey

The best android games currently available Alto’s Odyssey
You will love the gorgeous and ever-changing desert landscape of this mobile game (Image credit: Team Alto)

Alto’s Odyssey is an endless sandboarding journey set against a gorgeous and ever-changing desert landscape. This game is designed to impress with its gorgeous soundtracks, backdrops, fluid physics-based movement and procedurally generated terrain. Players can expect to enjoy a very smooth ride in this game.

Fallout Shelter

The best android games currently available Fallout Shelter
This highly addicitve game get's you managing vault dwellers and keeping them alive (Image credit: Bethesda Softworks LLC)

One of the more decent Fallout games, Fallout Shelter is a highly addictive vault simulation that gets you managing vault dwellers, helping them survive and thrive in this post-apocalyptic fallout game. Can you keep them all alive?

PUBG Mobile

The best android games currently available PUBG Mobile
Will you be the last man standing? (Image credit: PUBG Corp)

Out of up to 100 players you should be number one. PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile is a fast-paced strategic battle royale that puts you against players with the same goal... To be the last man standing. The Unreal Engine 4 brings smooth, next-generation graphics to your phone that recreate those of the PC version. To give you all a heads up before diving in, the controls can be quite difficult to get used to on mobile, so be sure to practice plenty!

This one wraps up our list. Do you spend countless hours playing on your Android device? What are the best titles out there for you? Let us know.