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The Apex Legends GLL Masters Summer draws near

apex legends gll masters summer

Image credit: GLL/Respawn Entertainment

The next event part of the Global Series is the Apex Legends GLL Masters Summer and with qualifiers ending today, the tournament will kick off on July 2.

Apex Legends had to make some changes to its competitive scene due to the coronavirus outbreak. Sadly 2020 won’t be the year fans will be able to enjoy massive LAN events, but at least the online format is thriving. The next big event which is only a few days away from starting is the GLL Masters Summer. The aptly named tournament is part of the Apex Legends Global Series and as such will offer a substantial amount of prize money and ALGS points. It’s a PC only tournament organized by GLL in collaboration with EA.

Qualifiers for the event will soon come to an end and after the day is done we’ll have all the participants. Depending on the results from the qualifiers, teams will be placed in two divisions – Alpha and Bravo. Alpha will represent the higher tier, while Bravo will be equivalent to what we imagine as the lower bracket. Teams playing in the Alpha bracket will be rewarded twice the points when compared to those in Bravo. Each of the regions (Americas; EMEA; APAC North; APAC South) will have 40 teams to represent them. The total prize pool for the event stands at $100,000 and will be distributed among the regions as follows:

  • Americas - $37,500
  • EMEA - $37,500
  • APAC North - $14,300
  • APAC South - $14,300

The League season will kick off on July 2 and come to an end on July 30.

In the League, the teams that move on from the qualifiers will be placed depending on their results in two separate divisions called Alpha and Bravo. The League will be played over 4 weeks, with 1 League Day per week. Each League Day consists of 6 matches. After each League Day, the top 5 teams in the Bravo division will move up and switch with the bottom 5 teams in the Alpha division.

Five rounds will be played during that time. After the fourth round, the top 10 teams from the Alpha division qualify for the finals. The bottom 10 from Bravo get eliminated and the remaining 20 will play for a last chance on July 30. Half of them will get eliminated and the others will qualify. The finals are scheduled for the two days right after the end of the season on August 1 and August 2. An official stream will be available on Twitch.

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Tasho Tashev