The fifth edition of Code Red was a blast

The Apex Legends Code Red tournament

Code red tournament

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The fifth edition of Apex Legends Code Red tournament was held yesterday as many popular streamers joined in an attempt to grab a piece of the $50,000 prize pool.

The event

As we already saw in recent new, the first offline tournament of the Apex Legends Global Series was postponed to an unknown date in the future due to the coronavirus pandemic. This leaves us with the popularity of online events and what better choice than a series we’ve already seen in the past – Code Red. Organized through BOOM TV, Code Red’s last edition was back in May 2019 and offered only $5,000 in prize money. This time the reward has grown tenfold up to $50,000.


The tournament’s format consisted of 6 rounds in custom game lobbies. Each elimination equaled 1 point and the team with most points takes the first prize. As usual, respawn farming was forbidden.

The participants

Code Red #5 featured a total of 20 teams with 3 players each. Among the participants, we saw some of the most popular Apex Legends streamers and content creators. Some of the more familiar faces were Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, Dr DisRespect, Brandon “A_Seagull” Larned, Tyler “Skadoodle”Latham and others.

After 6 rounds even with a small lead, there was a clear winner – Team vsnz. It featured Sean "vsnz" Garcia who’s a streamer for Team SoloMid, Dan "rpr" Ušić who plays professionally for North and the streamer br00d. The champions took home $15 000 for the first place as well as bragging rights. Perhaps the most interesting team in the event was Team DrDisrespect as both Shroud and the doctor were in it. Sadly they didn’t fare well as their best placement was 5th in round two.

With the coronavirus outbreak in the last few months going off the charts globally we’ll probably see more and more events get cancelled. This will be the perfect time for online event organizers and platforms to shine and fill the gap. Chances are Code Red’s next edition will be much sooner than we think.

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