Just make sure you’re inside the ring!

The Always Be Closing Evolved LTM Starts in Apex Tomorrow

Always be closing apex ltm

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

The next Limited Time Mode in Apex Legends will be Always be Closing Evolved. Without a doubt, a fan-favorite and it’s starting just a week before the big finale.

Apex Legends is currently in its fifth season that brought players the first taste of PvE, a deeper look at the game’s lore, the latest legend Loba and more. Ever since the beginning of the fifth season, players started speculating about Season 6. Who’s the next legend, will we get a new weapon and much more.

In the last few weeks, Apex Legends fans got plenty of new information regarding the new season. Respawn Entertainment even revealed Rampart as the next legend coming to the battle royale. In addition to that players will also get a new weapon with the Volt SMG, a crafting system the details of which are still unclear, a new Battle Pass, a ranked update, and more. So when’s the new season coming? The answer is August 18.

always be closing apex ltm

Image credit: Respawn Entertainment

Always Be Closing Evolved

What better way to end the season than with a limited-time mode and what better LTM than the fan-favorite “Always Be CLosing”, but this time it’s Evolved. In the regular version of the mode, the ring is always closing and that leaves almost no time for camping. That’s certainly good news for many of the players that prefer more action-oriented gameplay. Picking a sniper in this mode is often a terrible idea, as usually you’d be forced into close-quarters combat. In the Evolved edition players will be dropping with EVO shields and a Mozambique.

Respawn literally have to force players to play with the meme shotgun-pistol, since anyone barely uses it otherwise. The event is set to kick off tomorrow, August 11 and last for an entire week up until August 18. As we’ve already mentioned that’s when Season 6 is scheduled to go live, so enjoy the remainder of Season 5 while you can. After all, we might also see some upcoming map changes after the hints dropped in the final quest in the Broken Ghost chain.

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Tasho Tashev