After a week of play these are the clear favorites to climb

TFT: The Strongest Comps on Patch 10.19

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Fates has shaken up TFT this past week with new mechanics (Image credit: Riot Games)

The new TFT Set has been out for a bit over a week, meaning that most will have a good sense of the current meta, and which comps just seem to steamroll over their competition. We’ve taken a deep dive into some of the strongest comps to climb the ranks of TFT before people have gotten completely used to the new Chosen mechanic.

Which Are the Strongest Comps After One Week of Play?

Brawlers + Ashe

High Noon Ashe

Ashe will carry this comp to victory in the late game (Image Credit: Riot Games)

This comp is just insane. Your brawlers will tank any and all damage coming your way, while Ashe sits safe in the backline and uses her immense amounts of rapid damage to delete the opposition.

For this comp to work you’ll have to get as many brawlers early as you can, so you can stack the added HP. Of course, rolling a Chosen Brawler would just be a dream come true for this to happen. In the early game, you’ll build Moonlight and Brawlers, gaining an extra two-star – or maybe even three-star champ. If you’re really lucky you might even roll Ashe quite early and you can put her in as well to synergize with Aphelios’ Hunter trait.

Once you’ve also rolled Warwick you can get rid of your Moonlight comp, since his Hunter and Brawler synergy will save you lots of space on the map rather than having Aphelios and another Moonlight champ. Having Ashe, Nunu, as well as Maokai, will also give you Elder Wood for a little extra tank.


Dusk Riven TFT

You'll have to play around Riven as your main carry (Image credit: Riot Games)

Dusk comp will truly rely on Riven. She is the main carry of this team so it might be a bit weak in the early stages of the game, but once you’ve got all your champs, you’ll be unstoppable. Though it is a bit of a tricky comp and can lead to some major mistakes if played wrong, since it involves quite a bit of transitioning.

Getting a Chosen Dusk is ideal. Especially if it’s a two-cost like Thresh or even a more expensive champ like Cassiopeia. Having that extra dusk will give you a chance to also add Keeper into your build, which will add extra defense and tank with their shields. Starting the comp off with Vayne and Nidalee as Sharpshooters and a tanky Vanguard frontline of Thresh and Garen will enable you to win early and be able to roll for the champions you truly need.

In the mid-game is when you’ll start to transition into the Dusk composition of your dreams by getting rid of champs like Garen and Nidalee who had been part of your early game. In the mid-game, you’ll add in Kennen to the frontline with Morello and GA as well as Riven with a Sunfire Cape, Ionic Spark and Quicksilver. You won’t be able to lose a single match.

Want to try some other Comps as well?

Shade + Spirit

Spirit Blossom Teemo

The added attack speed from the Spirit trait is key (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Two words. Recurve. Bow. That’s what you’ll have to get in carousel rounds and hope for. This is the key item for this comp to work out. You’ll have to build carry items, such as Rapid Firecannon and Guinsoo’s Rageblade on Zed who will be your main carry. Give him a Bloodthirster for some lifesteal as well and you’re set.

The early game for this comp doesn’t really matter since most Spirit and Shade champions will only be in your store in the later stages, around the mid-game. Try and get Zed and Teemo as quickly as possible to level them up.

It is in the later stages of the game when you truly take charge of the lobby. Getting 3 Shade and if you were really lucky a Chosen Shade for the 4 Shade boost, will be where you get all of your damage from. Having four Spirit champs on the playing field will enhance the attack speed of your Shade champs and they will delete the enemy before they can even begin to try and counter.

Have you tried any of these comps out yet? Did you manage to win your rounds and rank up? Let us know on our Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding TFT Fates keep reading on EarlyGame.

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