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TFT: Patch 10.21 to Shake up the Current Meta

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Tft fates patch

Patch 10.21 will be coming Wednesday with lots of changes (Image Credit: Riot Games)

On Wednesday it’s time for another patch on our favorite game: Teamfight Tactics! Patch 10.20 saw only minor changes to most champions in the game, but this upcoming patch will have a tremendous effect on the TFT meta.

Traits are being reworked, as well as some underperforming champions will be getting quite the boost. Let’s hope they won’t be overturned though. We all remember Jarvan IV during Set 3 and how OP he became with a single buff. Let’s hope Riot learned from their mistakes.

So, What Exactly Do We Have to Look Forward To?

Well, the shop has been changed. At the beginning of Set 4 - Fates, Riot implemented a block, that champions which went unbought in one round, do not show up in the second. This has been reverted back.

Also, the early game has also seen a change, with a Chosen mechanic now guaranteed at least by Stage 2. This will change up the early game for most TFT players, since it’ll increase the chances of getting a Chosen early on, which influences the traits and strategies you’ll build upon.

Jax Patch 10 19

Jax and Divine will become stronger on Patch 10.21

Trait Changes Made

One of the main changes is a buff to the Divine trait since developers felt this was a viable composition, but it wasn’t used often enough in play. Hence why they’ve decided to add that once divine champions ascend, all crowd control will be removed from them. This will make them slightly stronger and hopefully more people use this comp when they play.

Moonlight also gained an additional scale. If you manage to get 5 Moonlight Champion, which will have to be done through also gaining a Chosen Moonlight, you’ll be able to star up, two champions, rather than just one.

Ninja will also get a big increase, with the 4-Ninja Buff going from 120 Attack Damage and Spellpower to 150. This might make the trait more attractive since you’ll be able to easily shred through opponents. Especially Akali who is already very strong will benefit from this.

Vanguard will also gain an 8-Vanguard buff which grants 1500 armor. How viable this might be we aren’t sure, but you’re welcome to try it out and let us know just how beefy and tanky your comp can be!

There are many other changes for other traits as well as outlined by Lead Teamfight Tactics game designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer in a YouTube video.

Video Credit: Mortdog - TFT via YouTube

Champion Changes

1-Cost champions: Elise is going to get a little beefier with an increase to her health restore on auto-attack at three-star from 120 to 160. Nidalee’s bonus damage per hex will be increased from 10 to 20 percent.

2-Cost Champions: Jax’s Mana was adjusted from 50/100 to 60/110, while Jarvan’s three-star form has an increase of 500 to 750 spell damage.

3-Cost Champions: Only Kennen was changed, gaining 1350 Spell damage as a three-star which is a huge increase from 900 which it sat at before. This will make him a great frontliner for any composition who can also shred through enemies with his huge AoE attack.

4-Cost Champions: Ahri was just way too strong and had to be nerfed. Her Spell damage was decreased from 500/800/4000 to 500/750/3000. Other champions in this list include Jhin and Talon who will also see some nerfs to their damage output in Patch 10.21.

5-Cost Champions: Quite a few changes here. Lillia has been made stronger with an increased time of her sleep, while Kayns’ spell damage is reduced at one-star from 450 to 400. Azir will also see a buff to his 3-star form with an increased spell damage of 2000 to 8888. Hopefully you can pick up Azir quite early to get to that 3-star form!

So there you have a rundown of some of the changes which we will be seeing quite soon. This will change up the balance on the playing field and new comps and champions will become viable.

Will these changes make you try out new comps? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook. For all info regarding the 2020 World Championship keep reading on EarlyGame.

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