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TFT Patch 10.21: How Does It Look Like? The Best Team Comps!

League of Legends
Ashe TFT

Ashe becomes your strongest hunter! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

After we saw some nerfs in the last patch, we are allowed to adjust our list again. Because the strong comp with elderwood has been moved down a few places. At the top, we have the new S-Tier builds for you!

The latest Teamfight Tactics update changed the meta quite a lot. Elderwood with mages are still very strong, but with the nerfs Veigar got, it's not so easy to build his one-shot build anymore. That's why we've been looking for the new best team comps so you can continue to get your victories in the arena. So today we provide you with 3 builds you can try your hand at. Since we're still in the early stages of patching, there may be some changes to the tier list.

Divine – 6 Divine with 3 Tormented

Warwick TFT

Warwick will get rid of every enemy you meet! (Image credit: Riot Games)

This comp focuses on Warwick as your main carry with 6 Divine. You have a lot of crowd control and Statikk Shiv causes additional damage to enemies. You can go to this comp if you find a chosen Divine and have good items for Warwick.

How Do You Play This Comp?

In the early game, you will mainly look for Divine and Duelists. Yasuo is a good choice because he can warm up the items for Warwick and in the mid-game, you can get more Divine champions and want to get Janna on the team. If you have a Divine Spatula, you can give it to Yone or another carry like Talon. If you are lucky and have the Divine Turner and a chosen Divine, you can even go to 8 Divine with level 9.

Brawler Ashe – 6 Brawlers With 2 Divine/Hunters

Ashe TFT

Ashe will be your Main-Carry in this Comp! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Ashe also got a nerf in the last patch, but other champs got that as well, so she still stays in the S-Tier with her constant damage and stable team comp. With this comp, you want to have your tanks on the front line. The Brawlers form a strong defense around your main carry Ashe. With a Selected elderwood champ and an elderwood Pan Turner you can reach 6 Ruffians and 6 elderwood Champions at level 8. So, if you see Maokai, Nunu, and Willump in the store, you should get them.

If you want to take this comp, you will need a lot of roughnecks and good items for Ashe early on. Give them Quicksilver and the Giant Slayer and some defensive items for Nunu.

How to Play the Comp?

You definitely want to have 2 Brawlers in the early game and in the back lines, you can pack what else you can get, Moonlight helping you to get to a level 5 Sylas. In the mid-game, you can use Aphelios to get Hunters into your party, while you also try to keep moonlight up. If you find Ashe early, you can exchange her for a Brawler or become level 7 to keep Hunters and Moonlight. Once you have Warwick and Ashe, you can take moonlight out and work towards the Brawler comp.

If you have a chosen elderwood champ, you can quickly get to 6 elderwood Champ at level 8 with a spatula, otherwise you can get to level 9. Otherwise, if you don't find a chosen elderwood champ, take a chosen Brawler champ to get 8 bullies. Items for Sett are very flexible as he can use some of them but concentrate on items with magic damage because he can use them to brush away your enemies.

Kayn and Friends – 3 Cultists With 2 Vanguard/Dusk

Kayn TFT

For this comp Kayn is not a must for this comp, but it is quite nice! (Image credit: Riot Games)

Although Kayn took a small nerf on his 1-star damage, he is still incredibly strong, especially since a bug-fix ensures that he now starts casting even when there are no enemies nearby. Some people can certainly use this as an advantage to get quick wins. This team-comp uses some strong late game champs and is therefore on the more expensive side. Kayn can be your main carry in this team but he doesn't have to be, because he could also be exchanged for other champions. You don't have to force this comp, but you can use it if you have no other plan for your team.

What is the Best Way to Play?

You should start the early game with 3 cultists for an easy transition. Twisted Fate, Pyke, and Elise are pretty good options. In the mid-game, you build on stronger champs and find good synergies relatively easy. Jarvan IV, Thresh, Zed, and Evelynn are strong combinations. What should give you an advantage is the fact that you don't need a specific chosen champion to make the build work. Try to build your team of 8 or 9 champions around the chosen one you find.

What do you think about these team comps and what would you do differently? Give them a try and share your opinion with us via Twitter and Facebook!

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