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TFT: What to Expect on the Upcoming TFT Patch 10.20

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Cultists will be seeing a nerf this coming update. (Image Credit: Riot Games)

It’s that time again. Time to look at the changes we will be seeing in our TFT lobbies starting Wednesday with the new Patch 10.20. Some comps were just too strong these last two weeks – cough Cultists cough – and Riot has decided to even out the playing field with these changes.

In the last two weeks Cultists have dominated in the TFT lobbies, along with Dusk which also overpowered other comps. Riven was the carry for all dusk builds, her tank and damage just too strong. Other champs, like Vayne and Nami were limping behind, barely managing a dent.

So what exactly will change?

League of Legends Aphelios

Aphelios' early game has been buffed. (Image Credit: Riot Games)


Mage spell power has been increased from 70/110/180 to 80/110/180 and Keeper is also getting a bit stronger with an increase to their shield power from 175/250/325 to 175/250/400.

Luden’s Echo will get buffed as well gaining 200 instead of 180 damage and Statikk Shiv will also deal 85 instead of 80 damage and bonus damage.

Other champions which will be seeing buffs are Nami, Vayne, Lissandra and Diana to improve the early game. Diana will have increased orbs, while Nami’s prison stun was also elongated.

It isn’t just one-cost champs getting buffed though. Aphelios is also being made stronger in the early game, with longer turret duration. Annie will also be made a little more frontline-heavy with an increase to her burst shield damage as well as added health to the shield.

Other champions which will be seeing some buffs are Yuumi’s three-star form, as well as Shen, Lee Sin and Yone. The latter two will have decreased mana for their abilities which will make them more viable in fights in the later stages of a game.

TFT updates for 10.20


Riot had announced a change to Mages on their twitter, along with a nerf to Veigar, but later added on that Veigar isn’t getting a full nerf, but rather merely adjusted to become a team carry. He will target the lowest current health units instead of the ones with lowest percent health.

Riven had to be slowed down with this patch though. Her damage output and her tankiness overpowered other four-cost champions by a mile and Riot has had enough. Her shield will be reduced at three-star to 750 from 1,000 and her strike damage is reduced from 180/250/1000 to 175/250/750.

Of course everyone’s favourite cult is also getting a nerf. The power of Galio is just too strong. Cultist (3) Galio Attack Damage will be reduced from 150 to 125 and his health reduced from 1,800 to 1,600. This should make the early game for anyone going against Cultists a little more bearable.

So what do we expect with the coming patch? A more balanced early game with lots of one-cost champions getting buffed as well as more variance with certain traits being buffed and nerfed.

What is your favourite comp? Are your favourites getting buffed or do you need to find a new comp to play on the upcoming patch? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook! For more information on which comps to play and which little legends are the most popular keep reading on EarlyGame.

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