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TFT Patch 10.19: All You Need to Know

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As Riot Games announced back in August, we are approaching the patch update of Teamfight Tactics 10.19 - Set 4: Fates!

This patch will turn the world of Teamfight Tactics upside down as your gaming experience is completely transformed. The Galaxy Theme from the current game will be removed and the 4th Set: Fates will come instead. Among other things, a new concept will be added that includes a new set of creature types.

Dragons, Magic, Storms and Spirits

The Arenas should now change their appearance depending on the score. This will be shown by your wins, losses and series, as well as 3-star champion deaths. This will give you a better visual and feel for the round.

You can test the set on the PBE from the beginning of September and on Wednesday, September 16 the patch will be live. Data miners have already found some interesting insights into the update.

What is Coming Soon?

Dataminers have revealed a list of potential champions that could be used in Set 4. There are 60 of them, including new champions like Yone and Lillia. New improved champion picks, with double traits and extra stats, can be bought for a certain amount of money in the store.

There are also new traits and a matching cheat sheet from Riot Games, which we have already discussed in detail. There, you can already get some ideas for future fights.

TFT Lillia

Lillia in TFT? (Image credit: Riot Games)

Riot Games also made some balance adjustments that mainly prioritized the Assassin and Cultist traits. But also, a general revision of traits. Some individual champions were also adjusted.

The New Little Legends are dragon-like companions that will be added to the game:

  • Jade Emperor Sprite
  • Lucky Fuwa
  • Ao Shin
  • Choncc
  • Umbra

With the release of TFT Patch 10.19, there will be a new Battle Pass. This has 2 variants - the Free Pass and the Pass+.

The Pass+ will cost you 1295 RP and offers you the Little Legends eggs and the Journey's Destination Arena.

What do you think of the new patch? Share your opinion with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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