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TFT Esports: The First Galaxies Championship

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TFT Galaxies Championship

Finally the TFT pros are entering the international stage! (Image credit: Riot Games)

The pros and Riot Games are taking Teamfight Tactics to the international stage. The Galaxies Championship 2020 is the first time that a TFT Worlds will take place. When, where, how? You'll find out here!

The qualifiers of the individual regions are already up and running. Depending on the size of the continent, 1 to 3 players will be rewarded by being allowed to enter TFT Worlds.

The game will be played on the current patch 10.16. So, players do not have much time to prepare and perfect the meta. Only those who have understood the concept of the game through and through and can adapt perfectly to situations will prevail, or, simply put: only the best in the world.

TFT Galaxies Championship Schedule

TFT Galaxies Championship Schedule (Image credit: Riot Games)

The TFT Worlds finals will be held on September 3 and 4. The sixteen best players from all regions will compete in two lobbies over five rounds. Depending on their position within the lobby, the players will receive points.

Scoring system TFT worlds

Scoring TFT Worlds (Image credit: Riot Games)

The four players with the most points from each lobby move into the final lobby after the five games. The eight finalists will then compete for the first world title and their share of the $200,000 prize pool.

The final will be held on September 4 and points will be increased for second and first place in each round. If you finish second, you get 8 points, if you finish first, you get 10 points. If a player with a total of 18 points finishes a round in the top 4 again, they will win the final and become the TFT Galaxies Champion.

You can follow the Galaxies Championship HERE. Next Saturday, August 15, the top 16 players from Europe will also be competing. Many famous streamers such as Sologesang will be there - it's worth taking a look!

We are looking forward to the event, as TFT going Esports is more than alright with us. Good job Riot!

For even more TFT news and the most important things from gaming and esports, visit us on EarlyGame.

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