Will the streamer finally change his behavior?

TFBlade OUT of the LPP Till June 2021!

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TFBlade banned for LPP till June 2021

It is well known that TFBlade is easy to provoke and likes to flame players. (Image credit: Riot Games)

TFBlade has been able to enjoy the privileges of the League Partner Program until now. Well, not anymore.

Apart from Twitch, Riot Games are also doing a lot of cleaning up right now. Several big streamers and partners have already become "victims" of a somewhat beblateted spring cleaning. After Tyler1 and Hai, the next American is now in for it. TFBlade will be removed from the LoL Partner Program until at least 2021.

TFBlade is a League of Legends streamer that has managed to become a Challenger in every position. This showed his great skill and earned him a lot of respect with a respectful lot of followers that comes along. The solo queue hero became a partner at Riot, which enabled him to broadcast LCS and Academy games on his channel, his accounts automatically unlocked all champions and skins and he got upscale support via Riot's VIP Discord server - until now. Because Riot threw TFBlade out of the LPP.

Unfortunately, TFBlade is well-known not only for his LoL skills, but also for his toxic behavior and for the fact that he enjoys flaming his teammates. Riot first put TFBlade on probation in March 2020 to give him time to make some adjustments in the way he behaves and interacts with others in-game. However, it is now clear that he has not changed enough. Anyone who has been watching his streams lately knows what we are talking about... and Riot had to act.

In their email to the streamer, Riot said:

“After taking time to review, we’ve determined that there hasn’t been the necessary improvements expected from our League Partners, ... Therefore, effective immediately, you have been removed from the League Partner Program.”

Riot will review and evaluate TFBlade's content again in June 2021. Until then, the streamer will have to live without the privileges.

It seems Riot have made the right decision here. Those who flame fellow players should not be in the LPP in any case. Because flaming stands against everything that Riot Games, the LCS and LEC stand for. Maybe TFBlade will learn from this and try to improve. At the end of the day, if the carrot doesn't work, try the stick...

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Stoyan Ovcharov

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