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Tennis World Tour 2 Preview

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During the Tennis World Tour 2 Preview, we had the chance to play the new game in detail and give you our impressions. After its straightforward predecessor, the developers are using the expertise gained with AO Tennis 2 to significantly improve Tennis World Tour 2 in every aspect. Although the new game does not yet quite match the playing qualities of the legendary genre kings, it's on the right track. At least regarding the more realistic gameplay, because we can't say anything about the scope and variety now. Nevertheless, the version of Tennis World Tour 2 that we played leaves a good impression. Technically the game can't quite keep up with a FIFA or NBA 2K, but purely from a gameplay point of view, the tennis game does a lot of things right.

If the scope, variety, and connection quality of the online mode are also on point, we have the best tennis simulation in years coming up in September. You need more gaming and esports news? Just click here: