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Team Vitality’s BroKeN Talks Everyday Life and Being in the Spotlight

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Team Vitality is one of the most famous esports organizations in Europe and the biggest one in France. We had the chance to talk to, Vitality's ambassador, Kevin "BroKeN" Georges, and talked about the team and everyday life.

We always start with the most essential first: For those who, for some reason, don’t know who you are - please introduce yourself!

My name is Kevin "BroKeN" Georges. I am a former pro Call of Duty player where I competed professionally for over ten years and won over 28 competitions and reached the World Championship. I now focus my efforts as a video games influencer and ambassador for global esports organization Team Vitality.

How did you get to be the ambassador for Team Vitality, because you are - on paper - not the stereotypical gamer?

I am a co-founder of Team Vitality so I have a real connection with the organization. It began as a story of four friends who had a passion for gaming and esports. Team Vitality is like my family and we couldn't be closer. Becoming an ambassador was inevitable as it gave me the ability to bring the image of my team to greater heights.
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What were the hurdles on your way to getting to this level? Did you have people oppose/challenge you, saying ‘get a real/traditional’ job?

It was a long journey for me because I started playing video at such a young age, around the age of 12-13. At that age, your parents simply want you to excel in school, however, it seemed impossible for me because I didn’t like school. I really wanted to play and excel at video games but my mother wanted me to have a more traditional job.

How did you and Team Vitality become a thing and what is your role as an ambassador within Team Vitality?

My role as ambassador is to convey to partners, sponsors and our community the values that Team Vitality embodies. These values include a positive and competitive image, which can adapt to many environments such as lifestyle and music. Included in our team is the top streamer/youtuber and French gamer Gotaga, who has been my friend since I started playing Call of Duty.

How does Team Vitality differ from other esports organizations – what makes them special?

I really believe we are best at what we do. From our content to merch drops we always make sure we are unique and that our activity always embodies the Team Vitality brand. We started with nothing so every success we earn really counts.
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What does your everyday life look like? How are you in touch with esports, the events, the players, and Team Vitality?

Although I am no longer in the competitive gaming world, I still have a very busy schedule.
I get up around 12 o'clock. I eat and train with a personal trainer. After, I could either be in a photoshoot or filming for a video. Then I would have to meet with my manager before streaming from 8 or 9 pm until about early morning. I am surrounded by professionals, I have a physical therapist, a coach and my manager is a nutritionist so it helps.
I still participate in esports competitions at events like Paris Games Week. I follow professional competitions via Twitch, and I cross paths with Vitality professional players at different events.
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You seemingly do everything: You do fashion, sports, you rap, your game, you stream, you stand for Team Vitality... Do you still have a private life or is your private life lived out in public?

It is true that I do have a busy lifestyle, it's because I am passionate about the things I do. When you are busy it does become hard to have a private life, however, I understand it's important for me to maintain that connection by seeing my friends and family. I’m also single at the moment, so it's easier to have extra time.

Is it stressful to be in the public eye constantly? To always post, being an entertainer, and always being switched on?

It can be stressful being in the public eye and always having to be socially active. It is something I have got used to and I do appreciate the privileged position I am in, especially with my fans and the Team Vitality community.

We recently talked to Astralis’ sports psychologist about burnout and the mental side of esports - how do you experience stress within esports or within Team Vitality in general?

My outlook is to always look on the bright side of life so I don't stress too much. I also work really closely with my physical therapist, coach and nutritionist to make sure that I am always feeling 100%.

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