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Team Secret win their fifth grand final in a row at Bounty Hunt

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Dota 2 BLAST Bounty Hunt concluded on Saturday and Team Secret snatched the champion’s title. This is the organization’s fifth grand final victory in a row.

Six of the best teams in Europe gathered to take part in Bounty Hunt. BLAST’s entry event into the Dota 2 managed to set the bar high and offered much more than what we’d usually expect. A fan prediction game, custom challenges, a varying prize pool, and more. The only downside of the event was its rather short duration, but we’ll most certainly see more from BLAST in the Dota 2 world.

Bounty Hunt had no group stage and it launched directly with the playoffs. OG and Team Secret were seeded higher than the rest and they proved they were worthy in their respective series. OG smashed Alliance with a 2:0 and Secret defeated Team Nigma with 2:1. This led to the winner’s bracket final between Secret and OG, where the former proved to be the better team. The two-time TI champions were knocked down to the lower bracket where they fought against the sole remaining survivor – Team Nigma. Much to everyone’s surprise, the games were quick and one-sided as OG took out their rivals with a 2-0. Both OG and Nigma are currently going through a rough period where they need to find their missing synergy, but in this case, OG was the better team.

This led to a rematch between OG and Secret in the grand finals. Fans of OG were let down as Secret did quick work of their favorite team with a stunning 3-0 victory. This marked the fifth grand finals victory in a row for the European team. Previously they’ve taken the champion’s title in WePlay! Pushka League, Gamers Without Borders 2020, OGA Dota PIT 2020 EU/CIS and ESL One Birmingham Online EU/CIS. Ever since the coronavirus pandemic caused LAN events to turn into online ones, Team Secret have been absolute beasts. The next event in line is EPICENTER’s BEYOND EPIC.

Bounty Hunt had a total of four bounties for teams to claim. By the end of it, only two were claimed, leaving $35,000 out of the event. Team Secret were rewarded with $50,067 for their first place, here are also the final standings.

  1. Team Secret
  2. OG
  3. Team Nigma
  4. Team Liquid
  5. Alliance
  6. Ninjas in Pyjamas

Bounty Hunt was definitely a success. It peaked at 169,000 viewers which puts it very close to some of the biggest events in recent months. Something tells us BLAST will be here to stay and we can’t wait for their next event. The organizer picked an interesting time to join the Dota 2 scene, as the competitive world was thrown into chaos by the pandemic, at least initially. Eventually, things will settle down and a LAN Dota 2 BLAST event is something we look forward to.

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