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Team Liquid Confirm nitr0 Replacement

Team Liquid sign Grim

Team Liquid have unveiled their new young hope Grim. (Image credit: Team Liquid via Twitter)

Team Liquid have been going through the process of removing and replacing former team captain Nick "nitr0" Canella within the squad in the past week or so. Today, this process has come to an end. The replacement has been found and confirmed.

The news that original member nitr0 would be leaving Team Liquid after five and a half years of servitude broke out last week and was announced officially over the weekend. A couple of days later his replacement has been unveiled. It's no real surprise as everything was already pointing to his name, but now we can officially announce that Michael "Grim" Wince is the new number 5 on the Inter Grand Slam winners' roster.

Grim is arriving from Triumph where he was the standout performer on a squad that was slowly making strides on the North American scene during the online era. Triumph's most memorable performance came at the BLAST Premier Showdown where they were denied a semi-final spot in dramatic fashion by Gen.G Esports.

Grim will make his debut for Team Liquid later this week with the commencement of DreamHack Open Summer North America. The tournament is bound to start on Saturday, August 8. Events are still played strictly online, so we'll be stripped of the tension a bit, nevertheless, young Grim won't have to wait long to face his own team as Liquid and Triumph are drawn in the same group alongside Chaos Esports Club and Ze Pug Godz.

All that makes it curious to see how Triumph cope with the pressure of finding a new member at such short notice. Grim hasn't actually played his final game for them. That will be Friday's outing vs. Team One in the ESEA Season 33 NA Finals, which means the team has 24 hours to find a fitting substitute for DreamHack Summer Open.

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