The player is leaving after five years

Team Liquid and nitr0 on the Outs

Nitr0 leaving Liquid

Nitr0 is bowing out of Team Liquid. (Image credit: nitr0 via Twitter)

Team Liquid are preparing for new beginnings and it seems like Nick "nitr0" Canella will be the victim of changes. Initial reports that the player would be departing have been confirmed and it's looking like nitr0's five-year stay with Liquid will be coming to an abrupt end.

Team Liquid Looking at Life Past nitr0

Nitr0 is a rare specimen in modern CS:GO. He was part of the first ever Liquid CS:GO roster that was established in January 2015 and has remained faithful for over half a decade, taking every role necessary for the betterment of the team. That includes being the in-game leader for nearly three years before just recently relinquishing those responsibilities as 2020 was not going great for TL.

Apparently, stripping nitr0 of IGL duties was not enough for teammates and management and he will be departing sooner than later. It has already been confirmed that nitr0 will be moved to the bench and will remain there past the player break if a new team for him is not found.

His replacement is the star of North America's surprise package Triumph - Michael "Grim" Wince. The 19-year-old rifler is without a doubt a huge talent and has had a breakout year in 2020, so it's not like Team Liquid are shooting in the dark with him.

That being said, nitr0 was one of the best so called "fragging IGLs" in the last three years and by all accounts is a tremendous teammate, which is almost as important as your in-game production in an environment as tense as that of a professional CS:GO team.

Team Liquid were struggling to win anything until last year's phenomenal Intel Grand Slam run. Now they're seeking changes after a few shaky tournaments, kicking arguably their most reliant player in the process. This has all the traits of a "mid-table team thinking it's bigger than it is" move. Young Grim could make me eat my words, and I damn sure hope he does, but that doesn't change the fact that right now, this roster change is weird at best and stupid at worst.

In fact, Grim will be able to make a mark right after the player break is over. Team Liquid have included his name in their official DreamHack Open Summer roster. The tournament begins August 8. One event doesn't do much to convince anyone of course, but we gotta start somewhere.

Team Liquid promised to give durther clarity on the roster changes in due time, which might explain at least somewhat why this move came to be.

Don't want to stick too much to the changes part of this statement, but hey, there might be more than one coming. We'll certainly be following proceedings in Liquid and let you know whenever there's news on the topic.

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