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Legal action will take place if threats do not stop

T1 LoL Responds To Faker Benching

League of Legends
Image credit: LoL Esports Photos via Flickr

T1 Esports CEO Joe Marsh has officially responded to League of Legends community after serious threats made by fans.

When you think of League of Legends, you think of who's the best. Among them, some teams stick in your mind more than others, and that's the case with T1 Esports, formally known as SKT T1.

When you think of SKT T1, you generally only think of one player, and one player only, and that's Faker. Renowned as one of the best League of Legends players of all time, Faker has been an iconic star in the League of Legends scene for years, winning numerous titles and accolades, including winning Worlds three times. We even have some of his best plays of all time!

Lately, however, T1's star, Faker, has seen a slump in his professional play. To the surprise of many, Faker was benched from the line-up, with upcoming player Lee 'Clozer' Ju-hyeon taking Fakers spot in the mid lane. As you can imagine, League of Legends fans were not happy about this decision, which is fine as everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, some fans decided to take things to another level, prompting T1 Esports CEO Joe Marsh to take to Twitter to make an official statement.

Fans seemingly have overstepped their boundaries towards T1 members of staff, players coaches, and employees, which is unacceptable. Prompting this response:

T1 does not tolerate harassment of any form between players, coaches, employees, League officials or fans. We value our community's fandom and acknowledge that criticism comes with the territory of professional gaming; however, recent incidences have threatened our team's health and safety - overstepping the lines of the fandom with violent threats and hate speech.

Joe Marsh continues with threatening legal action to put an end to it, should the threats of violence and hate speech continue. Right now, T1 is in great shape for League of Legends, with the team performing well even after Faker away from the spotlight.

League of Legends fans will hopefully heed this warning and stop the nonsensical hate and toxicity toward T1. After all, it's just a game.

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