The forecast: sun, heat and a tropical storm of LTMs

Summer Splash rocks Fortnite's Season 3

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Image credit: Epic Games

Social distancing or no - the summer is here and Fortnite is ready for a party. Summer Splash will bring new and classical outfits and LTMs for a season-long party.

Despair not, Fortnite fans - while many of us may not get the seashore getaways we might have wanted, but at least the summer in the game promises to be hot and exciting. For the entirety of Season 3, there will be a rotation of limited time modes, featuring both classic LTMs of old and some new surprises cooked up by the designers. Speaking of design, Epic also promises a lot of new and legacy outfits in the Item Shop to go with your island vacation.

Action best served chilled

Hot action goes best with some cool classics and expect to see many of the best LTMs come out of the fridge! The first arrival - One Shot LTM - is already here. The devs promise to also bring out Close Encounters, Unvaulted, Sneaky Silencers (now Fog of War) and others. Nostalgia aside, some of them might get a special Summer makeover.

Dvlulof X4 AA Pw F8

Maybe this time, Close Encounters will have jet skis instead of jetpacks? Image credit: Epic Games

The game gurus also teased several new LTMs like “new takes on Operation: Knockout, a reel ‘em in royale, and a game of elimination-powered upgrades”. Well, a reel'em in sounds just like the thing for the current archipelago.

You gotta look the best to be the best

Of course, just winning is something not enough - it’s important to also do it in style. The style for Chapter 2 Season 3 is decidedly summer, so expect to see sea motifs, sports wear, and more beach fashion than you can shake a parasol at. Oh, and plenty of good food for those aiming to emulate the new Dad Bod Jonesy outfit. Those who prefer a more yesteryear look can also snap up a few old gems like the Beach bomber.

Fortnite summer splash outfits 1920x1080 352005351

Time for some coastal chic. Image credit: Epic Games

So, now that the island has been flooded into one giant waterpark, it’s time to get your best beachwear, pack some chilled drinks to stay hydrated, and dive into the action!

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