Phil Foden vs. Fabinho

Summer Heat Showdown 2: Man City vs. Liverpool

Summer heat showdown man city liverpool

Phil Foden is the new franchise player of Man City. At least for the week. (Image credit: EA Sports via Twitter)

The second Summer Heat Showdown during the FIFA 20 Summer Heat cycle will involve back-to-back English Premier League champions Manchester City and the already crowned champs of this one – Liverpool.

Summer Heat Showdown - Man City vs. Liverpool - Foden vs. Fabinho

EA Sports went for the big match this week, taking the derby of the last couple of EPL seasons after going for a more obscure Bundesliga matchup last time. The FIFA 20 publishers still kept it lowkey somehow by the pick of players for the Showdown itself.

Those pitched against each other are City’s bright attacking talent Phil Foden and Liverpool’s holding midfielder Fabinho. De Bruyne vs. Mané would have been nicer, but you gotta work with what you got.

The initial SBC cards are both rated at 92, which is fair enough. Unlike last week’s SBCs, however, this Summer Heat Showdown requires two teams to be handed in for each player, at an overall cost of around 130,000 coins. Of course, you can go the gambler’s way and try to do just one of these in hope that the player’s team wins, which would result in the SBC card’s overall rating to be boosted by three points.

Or you can skip the Summer Heat Showdown altogether. All the power’s in you hands, man. We can’t deny that getting involved in a City – Liverpool showdown in any way is tempting, though. You’ll have time until tomorrow evening – 9 pm CET to be precise, to complete any of the two SBCs. Then all that will be left to do is relax and watch a hopefully high quality EPL derby.

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