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Don't Bet Against Tom Brady: EA Got the Super Bowl Wrong

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Super Bowl LV Champions Tamba Bay Buccaneers
Tom Brady and the Tamba Bay Buccaneers proved EA Sports wrong. (Credit: NFL via Twitter)

EA Sports used their Madden NFL 21 platform to make a prediction on Super Bowl LV. We used our EarlyGame platform to make one as well. Only one of the two turned out to be right. Spoiler alert: it wasn't EA.

EA Sports released a promotional video ahead of Super Bowl LV in which they attempted to predict the development, winner, and final result of the game. The NFL Championship duel between the Kansas City Chiefs and Tampa Bay Buccaneers unfolded in a slightly different direction.

Tom Brady Wins Seventh Super Bowl, Proves EA Sports Wrong

EA Sports uploaded a video on YouTube in which they tried to guess the outcome of Super Bowl LV. In said video, narrated by Keraun Harris, aka King Keraun, aka The Spokesplayer, a prophecy was made that young Patrick Mahomes and his Kansas City Chiefs are going to knock down 43-year-old Tom Brady and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in a high-scoring game.

Can't really blame EA. That was the popular choice. As we said in our article on their prediction, however, you should never bet against the GOAT (Greatest of All Time) Tom Brady. Not to beat our own drum too much, but we did go in the opposite direction with our own prediction and nailed it almost to the point.

EarlyGame's guess was for a Buccaneers win with a total of 37 points scored. The final result of 31-9 comes agonizingly close to those numbers and we will beat that drum at least a little bit by claiming that EarlyGame knows more about American football than EA Sports.

Who said gamers don't do real sports?

For more prophecies and voodoo magic, join the MyEarlyGame family and our Discord channel. You can also probably find better predictions on our YouTube channel than at EA's.