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The legitimacy of leaks is always questionable of course

Madden NFL 22 Cover Athlete Leaked!

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Madden NFL 22 Cover Athlete Leak
The Titans had the first cover athlete in Madden NFL history. They might have the next one too. (Credit: RBT via Twitter)

Madden NFL 22 is still far away in the distance, but leaks are already showing their intriguing heads. In the first maybe-perhaps-there's-a-slight-possibility-to-be-true type of leak, we may have gotten a peek at who the cover athlete of the next NFL game is going to be.

A blurry screenshot has surfaced on social media and has riled up many NFL gamers. We may have found out the cover athlete for Madden NFL 22 way prematurely.

Madden NFL 22 Cover Athlete Leaked?

This GameStop screenshot shows Tennessee Titans running back Derrick Henry on the cover of what is to be Madden NFL 22. As you can see for yourself, it isn't the most quality shot there's ever been. This is actually good, because most legitimate leaks rarely impress with visuals. Keeping the spy in disguise vibe, ya know?

Derrick Henry has been the top running back in the NFL the last couple of years and it makes perfect sense for him to be awarded the honor of being the Madden NFL 22 cover athlete. The design and the "King Henry" tag make us believe this could rather be some sort of special edition rather than the standard one. This of course brings the question: if this leak is real, would there be another athlete on the cover of the standard edition?

What of the Madden NFL 22 Release Date?

As the screenshot itself reveals, the release date of Madden NFL 22 still stands at TBD. Considering how early in the year we are, that's no real surprise. A release date leak, let alone an official announcement, is not likely to arrive before the summer.

Then again, there are few things more certain in life than a Madden game coming out in August. This has been the case every single year since Madden NFL 2001 when the franchise decided to break away from the set release date of July 31.

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