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EA Sports Revive NCAA Football Series After Eight Years

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Ncaa football return

NCAA Football 14 was the last game released before the series was put on hold. (Credit: EA Sports)

As EA Sports put it themselves, this is for those that never stopped believing. College football is coming back! The NCAA Football series is going to make a glorious return with new branding after years in the gutter.

Fans of college football (American football that is) can be forgiven for giving up on the dream of ever seeing another video game based on their favorite sport. It has been almost eight years since the last NCAA Football game came out. The wait may have been long, but it finally looks like it's gonna be over.

NCAA Football Returns Under New Name

We can't give much of a shape to your hopes at this stage as EA Sports themselves don't say much other than they're reviving the NCAA Football series. Basically, the only certain things as of February 2021 are that the series will be rebranded and that it will not make its return this year.

The newly titled EA Sports College Football will break onto the market in 2022 at the earliest, perhaps even later. That can be derived from EA Sports' vice president Daryl Holt's own words. He revealed that EA Sports College Football development is just beginning and the whole project is still just at the "officially approved" stage and no more than that.

It would be interesting to see how the game develops in terms of gameplay and content. The NCAA's strict and previously unopposed rulings against college athletes receiving remuneration for their likeness is being put under much scrutiny these days. Who knows, by the time EA Sports College Football is ready to roll out, we might be able to play with real players and what's more important - they might be able to make some money out of it.

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