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Advanced Tips & Tricks To Get You Out Of Platinum

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So here you are. Playing Rocket League for over 2 years now, but still can't get out of Gold! I know, I know, you're so much better, but your teammates are dragging you down, aren't they? You should be playing in Diamond by now.

But you're not! You've been in Gold 2 Division 3 for months and that's where you'll stay forever. You know why? Because you refuse to play BETTER. You've been playing the same for months and guess what? Your opponents too. Why? Because they are ALSO in Gold 2 Division 3.

So if you don't start playing faster, better, smarter, why should you rank up?

I promise you with 100% certainty: It's because of the rotation... Yes, ROTATION. You've heard it 1000 times before but still refuse to learn the most important strategy in Rocket League. It's there to make sure you're always in the right position and know what the next move will be, even without Teamspeak. When to go on the offensive, when to go on the defensive? How do I defend and where? Why do I play sooo good and still lose? Well, because you make mistakes that you might not even have been aware of!

Learn HOW TO ROTATE! You'll see how quickly you'll rank up.

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