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A Space gun meets a plant

Spline Collection Released! New Valorant Skins

Spline Weapon Skins
New Spline Weapon Skins hit Valorant Store (Image credit: Riot Games)

Have you seen the new Valorant Spline Skins? They were recently data mined and posted on Twitter first, and they look like futuristic space plants! They can be purchased in-game for Valorant Points right now. Let's look at all the cool new skins.

Credit to @floxayyy who data-mined the first blue and black skins before they went viral on Twitter. The sleek black metal with blue accents really pop and have a cool sci-fi vibe. The Base Bundle costs 7,100 Valor Points and is in the store now.

Valorant Spline Skin
Base Skin for the Spline Collection (Image credit: Riot Games)

Spline Skin Variants

It didn’t take long until more Spline skins were found, and more variants were leaked. They really do look like space plants when you see them in their blue, green, and red variants. They cost 15 Radianite each to unlock after you purchase the base skin. There is no variant for the Dagger and all variants are viewable in the Valorant store now.

Spline Weapon Variants
All Spline Weapon Variants (Image credit: Riot Games)

More accessories with the Spline design have been added to the in-game store. A spray, a weapon buddy, and a card which are all included in the Spline Bundle or for individual purchase.

Spline Valorant
These Spline Accessories come free with the bundle

If your only looking to buy your favorite weapon here is a list of the individual costs.

Spline Weapon Skins

Cost 1,775V each and only available for the:

  • Classic
  • Spectre
  • Phantom
  • Operator

The Melee Dagger is 3,550V or included in the Spline Bundle for “free.”

Other Spline themed Items:

  • Card - 325V
  • Spray - 325V
  • Buddy (x2) - 475

Check out this weapon showcase if you need to see the particle effects in action before you lay down your credit card.

What do you think? Are you going to buy these new skins or stick with your current favorite? Pop us a tweet! We look forward to seeing these new skins in-game.

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