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Spinning bomb defusal taken out of CS:GO

Csgo bomb defusal

Kylie Minogue will be the only one spinning around while a bomb defusal is happening from now on.

Valve have released a minor update for CS:GO that fixes a major inconvenience. The so-called “spin defusal” has been kicked out from the realm of possibilities, which is actually a quite game-altering fix.

The specific text of the patch notes state that “bomb defusal progress will now reset if the defusing player turns too rapidly while defusing” which translated means that you could no longer abuse the system to avoid being shot while defusing.

The technique of rapid movement – effectually spinning around, was most often used in pistol rounds when the defending terrorists can’t just spray you down, but need to nail a clean shot. Which, go figure, is made extra difficult when the target is moving at random all of the time.

All of this was possible while the defusal is happening, so you pretty much had five to ten seconds to nail a headshot or two on a head that’s not standing still…while defusing a bomb. You could see where the inconvenience lies there. Thanks to this fix, that last bit part is no longer true – you could still spin all you want, but then the defusal would be reset. Could still go for it just to frustrate the Ts though.

As mentioned, this CS:GO update is rather minor and the only other change of notice affects graffiti placement. You can see the details for yourself below.

CS:GO update patch notes


  • Bomb defusal progress will now reset if the defusing player turns too rapidly while defusing.
  • Translucent surfaces are now ineligible for applying graffiti.


  • A new music kit “All for Dust” by Amon Tobin is now available for purchase in-game.


  • When players open containers or receive items during the match, text filtering will no longer apply to names of received items in chat messages.

No more spinning and defusing for CS:GO but you could still take a spin of EarlyGame for more updates, news and opinions.

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