These valorant skins are out of this world!

Spacy! The New Valorant Nebula Skins

Valorant nebula skin nex unity twitter

Ground Control to Major Tom... (Image credit: NEX_Unity via Twitter | Riot Games)

Valorant is surprising us again and again with beautiful skins. After the flopping Patch 1.06 Riot try to put us off with the new Nebula skins - Successfully though!

Yesterday, August 20, 2020, the new and eagerly awaited Valorant Patch 1.06 was released - which was much more of a hotfix than a patch. However, we were able to enjoy another innovation. In a cloak-and-dagger action, Valorant released new skins: The Nebula Collection.

Valorant nebula skin Turi Garza twitter

Ziggy Stardust would be proud! (Image credit: Turi Garza via Twitter | Riot Games)

The weapons are decorated with a space nebula pattern and look like they are from outer space. Quazars, galaxies, stardust and black holes decorate our favorite weapons. Here is a small preview of the equipment:

Houston we´ve got a problem. (Image credit: Valorant Cookies via YouTube | Riot Games)

The Nebula skins don't make up for our somewhat disappointed expectations from patch 1.06, but at least they put us off a bit. And they fit in perfectly with the quality of the other Valorant skins:

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But before you head off to other worlds, check out the PlayStation 5 Live Action Trailer video:

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