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Sony PlayStation First-Party Exclusives Will Come to PC!


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Sony PlayStation first-party exclusives are coming to PC! Yes! This was confirmed in Sony’s 2020 Corporate Report. To bring growth to their profitability, Sony intends to release more and more of the PlayStation first-party titles to the PC. Horizon Zero Dawn and Death Stranding already paved the way and now more games will follow. This is surely good news for all PC gamers, who now get to enjoy many of the PlayStation’s brilliant exclusive titles. What does this mean for future PS5 titles though? Will they also release on PC? Only time will tell. With Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7, there sure are a solid number of high-profile Sony first-party titles that could be released for PC!

It's the first time that Sony first-party titles are on PC and this is completely new territory for Sony. Previously Sony's exclusive titles were reserved for PlayStation players only - with just a handful of exceptions. Now it seems that Sony wants to regularly bring PlayStation first-party titles to the PC. Is this a money move or a move to keep competing with the Xbox, which is no stranger to console & PC releases?


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