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Sony chases the money, Fall Guys flirts with Microsoft, Ninja flashes cash & Rocket League puts out for free. Oh... and Spellbreak is out.

Sony chases the money, Fall Guys flirts with Microsoft, Ninja flashes cash & Rocket League puts out for free. Oh... and Spellbreak is out.
From Sony No-Longer-Exclusives to Fall Guys coming to Xbox - it's been a busy week. (Image credit: Fall Guys, Ninja, Rocket League)

What a week. Or am I just saying that as a standard phrase to star this entry? Let’s find out by going over this week's highlights: Sony wants the PC cash and Fall Guys also wants to crack the Microsoft bank. Avengers is looking to repeat its movie successes in the gaming world and Ninja donates $1 Million!? That ain’t it though: Proletariat Inc dropped a gem in Spellbreak and you will be able to play Rocket League for free... uhm... soon.

Let’s do this:

Sony smells the money and redefines exclusivity

Sony had its Corporate 2020 Report and the corporate people realized how much money they’re missing out on. So now, Sony will bring its exclusives to the PC, because, you know: Loyalty & principles. It’s ok if the word 'exclusive' loses its meaning though because I'm happy for all the PC players that finally get to experience actual gaming. Too bad most of them don’t have the controller to enjoy it. Kidding - of course. So, will the Master Race get to enjoy Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, and Gran Turismo 7? To be honest, they’ll probably just be playing old PS4 games. Enjoy!

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Xbox gamers finally get a win: Fall Guys release was… datamined...?

Where there’s money, there’s a way. First, Mediatonic sold Fall Guys Mobile to China and now dataminers seem to have uncovered that this summer superstar of a game will come to Xbox. It’s all good though, because Mediatonic have been upfront about their plans for Fall Guys to be cross-platform since the start. Now, Xbox players are only missing out on almost every other great game out there. I guess, they’ll gladly take this small W while they infinitely wait for Halo Infinity.

Breaking News: Gaming is still fun in September

September, September - what have you got in store for us? August hit us with a lot of great games - Fall Guys, Microsoft Flight Simulator, UFC 4 - and it also hit us below the belt with Fast & Furious Crossroads. September started off strong with Crusader Kings 3, which got a 10/10 from our three-lettered competition and there’s still a number of slick and free games coming up. Which ones? Click the link and watch our video, silly.

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I hate Battle Royales, but I love Spellbreak

Proletariat Inc has an odd name but great taste: Their magical battle royale Spellbreak launched free to play for all platforms (yes, you too Switch, and… yes, Xbox, you too). It’s a Battle Royale that, for once, thrives on creativity rather than guns. If you like the way Breath of the Wild looks and enjoyed watching Avatar: The Last Airbender, then you’ll love this. In any case, it’s free, so you’ve got nothing to lose.

Didn’t know they got money like that: The $1 Million Fall Guys Bid

I knew MrBeast had money and I figured Ninja does. I'm also not surprised about G2Esports, but Aim Lab? Well, the four of them combined to donate $1 Million to charity. More specifically, they donated to Special Effects, a charity organization in the UK that supports gamers with disabilities. A great gesture from all the charitable donors involved and no jokes or sarcastic comments from me here.

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Rocket League Free to Play Update: Are you kidding me, Psyonix?

Psyonix League finally revealed something about the long-awaited free to play release for Rocket League: It will come after the update that will come some time around mid-September. Yeah… thanks for nothing Psyonix. But if you didn’t know, now you know that Rocket League will be free to play very, very, very soon. We just don’t know how soon...

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