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Solid win for Rogue in opening game against Excel Esports

League of Legends
XL vs Rogue
Image credit: Riot Games

A good start and great bot-lane play give Rogue the win in their opening game.

Rogue and Excel were direct competitors for the playoff sports during the spring and their first game for the summer would see them face off once more.Rogue held a 2:0 record in the head-to-head in Spring - could they keep the streak alive?

A first blood in the top lane and a first tower resulted in an early game lead for the blue team, though Excel soon answered with an objective of their own to keep the gold close. A face-check 15 minutes later resulted in another kill and a tower going to Rogue, however, and while the total gold difference was not big, a lot of it was in the hands of their AD carry Steven "Hans sama" Liv.

Just before the 16-minute mark the French AD carry thought nothing about using his flash to jump a wall before flanking his opposite number Patrik "Patrik" Jírů for a kill that led to yet another turret. Excel looked to scale to unlock their toplane Kayle, but 27 minutes in a 5v4 fight gave Rogue a kill and the baron at the cost of an inhibitor tower. With it, they ran down the mid-lane and took the inhibitor, then retreated - only to flank Excel for a game-winning last fight.

It was a very solid performance from Rogue, who never quite allowed their opponents to take control of the game. While it boasted several solid late-game carries, Excel’s composition would not be allowed the scaling that it needed, while the lack of tanks left them quite brittle if the fight did not go their way.

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