We finally know who played as a party

Small CS:GO Patch Brings Minor Changes

CSGO Patch

The new patch is a bit disappointing. (Image credit: counter-strike.net)

The latest CS:GO patch is small... like tiny actually. Aaand, guess what, it didn't fix the Wallhack exploit. Nevertheless, we have all the patch notes for you here, of course. Not that there's much to say about them, though.

After we got the Fracture Case Update in early August, a rather small patch came yesterday, August 17. The Wallhack exploit has been plaguing the CS:GO community for a week now so we hoped that Valve will quickly fix this bug. But we all know how Valve are... The exploit is still in there, for the time being.

Here Are the Full Patch Notes:

  • End of match scoreboard will now display which players were playing as a party when skill groups are revealed.
  • Average wait times for finding matches on official game servers are now region-specific.
  • Rcon connection from client will now get established asynchronously.
  • Rcon address cannot be changed while connected to a dedicated server.
  • Added a setting “rcon_connected_clients_allow” to disallow clients from connecting to other dedicated servers via rcon.
  • Several stability improvements.

Didn't you always want to know after a match if your opponents came into the match as a team? Moving forward, we will always see at the end of a match which players joined as a party. Pretty neat, huh. Also, the fact that the matchmaking is now region-specific is another welcome change.

And that's pretty much all we can say about this really tiny August 17 CS:GO update. Meanwhile, we keep waiting on some pressing issues that need addressing, Valve *cough cough* Wallhack Exploit *cough*.

You will find more Counter-Strike news and updates, such as our CS:GO exclusive pistols guide, right here, on EarlyGame.

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