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SK Gaming Seize the Win to Start LEC Week 5

League of Legends
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Unleashing the Twitch-Yuumi combo, SK Gaming dominated the mid-game for a key win against Team Vitality to start the second part of the LEC Summer split.
After a slow start, the teams clashed in a big teamfight in the bottom lane 10 minutes in that ended in a 3-0 for SK, with two of the kills going to Juš "Crownshot" Marušič’s Twitch. The German team slowly started opening up a lead, but Vitality were active on the map and tried to catch them out.

Video credit: Riot Games

What started as Vitality trying to pick off the enemy jungler ended in a rout when the rest of SK arrived and cleaned house, getting four kills and an easy Baron that accelerated their lead.

Vitality were not dead, however, and 28 minutes in, a pick on Twitch set up a fight in their favor that ended in a 3-1 and a Baron, followed by a drake steal that delayed the cloud soul for SK. Yet, Vitality had to kill Twitch to win a teamfight, and five minutes later, they could not do that as he piled on the damage, resulting in a 2-0 fight, the first inhibitor and the cloud soul.

The French team had to reply and they chose to do a Hail Mary Baron – yet while they secured it, they ended up caught when trying to get out. Four quick kills left the map open for SK to push mid and win.

With this game, they are now 5:5 and just as importantly, they tie Vitality in the head-to-head – and with both teams being potential rivals for the last playoff spots, this win was well worth it.


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