Shroud will become Valorant-Pro. The community is sure of that - but who will he play for?

Shroud: Will He Play Valorant for Cloud9?

FPS God Shroud

Will Shroud return and stir up the scene? We hope so! (Source: Shroud via Twitch/Riot Games)

This is the second time Shroud has posted a short video on Twitter. For many, the message is clear - the FPS god will become a Valorant professional - but under what banner will he stir up the scene?

Mysterious videos from the biggest streamers of our decade seem to be in fashion right now. First, Twitch's Dr DisRespect provides us with a video with possible hints of a comeback with YouTube. Now Shroud is back within seven days with two short videos. After the deal with Microsoft's mixer fell through because the streaming platform disintegrated, it became quiet around Shroud - too quiet for our taste. Now the ex-C9-pro seems to feed us new information every week. What do you see in the videos and what are the latest findings? EarlyGame has the information for you!

With the first video you had to take a closer look.

C9, T1, Liquid - Where Now!?

In the first video, you had to look very closely and stop at lightning speed to see what was shown on the barrel of the gun. This time you can sit back and relax while Shroud takes out a Breach with his knife and goes hunting as a Jett.

By now it should be clear to everyone - our wish will come true and we will probably see one of the best FPS players in the world in action again - on the very big stage and as an agent in Valorant. Who will Shroud be playing for though? So far the community can only guess. Except for the videos, there was no further statement from the ex-C9 player. He didn't even comment on the tweets of his former team members or those of the big organization like C9.

The comments under the second video of Shroud

I think Shroud likes to play a game with us. (Image credit: Shroud via Twitter)

At this time nothing is really certain. Maybe C9 is just fooling us with the comment, after all, Shroud has had an incredibly successful time with the organization. On the other hand, they probably wouldn't wait that long to make it official, since the Ignition Series is already in full swing.

Since nobody has really made any announcements regarding Shroud, the only thing we can do is wait. We'll probably get the next bit of video soon. Maybe then there will be a hint to his future team. Even after viewing the videos multiple times, we couldn't quite find any interesting details. Did you? Share your opinion on our Facebook page!

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