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shroud prophesies a bright future for Valorant

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According to Top-Streamer shroud Valorant will still be played in 10 years. (Image credit: shroud via mixer)

Everyone loves Valorant. Even the well-known top streamer Michael "shroud" Grzesiek can't get enough of the new shooter hit from Riot Games and predicts a rosy future for the game. Will we still be on the Valorant Maps Haven, Split and Bind in ten years?

Since April 7 the Valorant Beta is running at full speed, every day new players dare to play the competitive shooter of Riot Games. The well-known streamer and former CS:GO professional Michael "shroud" Grzesiek, already expressed his love for Valorant at the start of the closed beta. Now the professional is going one step further.

shroud about Valorant: "will accompany us for years to come"

Shroud just can't get enough of Valorant, he's just like us. In a live stream on Microsoft's platform mixer the Canadian now answered some questions of his fans and predicted a rosy future for Valorant. But the final Valorant version has not even been released yet.

Play Valorant every day for over a month: Isn't that getting boring? When asked by a fan, shroud reacted astounded:

No, not at all. It's very difficult to be bored with valorant right now.

First-person shooters are THE genre for shroud

Shroud is certain that Valorant will still be played in ten years' time. The FPS genre is currently at its peak, with player and viewer numbers of well-known streamers rising rapidly.

One viewer in the chat said that modern shooters only have a lifespan of about six months, but the streamer reacted with astonishment:

Which FPS only lasts for 6 months? Counter-Strike has been played for almost two decades. Valorant will surely run well for another 10 years! Call of Duty is the biggest FPS in the world! Year after year after year! Then Halo, Overwatch... I don't understand your argument.

Neither do we, to be honest. After all, the Valorant Beta and Call of Duty: Warzone are shunting from one record to the next. If Riot Games doesn't completely screw up the final Valorant release, shroud might be right.

Video credit: Youtube - Shroud Rowdy

So: Does Valorant have what it takes to continue to dominate the esports market for the next few years? Or will the shooter quickly disappear into oblivion? A third option would be what we're seeing lately with the Overwatch league. More news and articles from the world of gaming and esports can be found on EarlyGame.

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