DrDisrespect and Shroud are equal

Shroud: How Big Was His Comeback?

Shroud's back... with a beard!

Shroud may have to share the comeback throne with DrDisrespect for the time being. (Image credit: Twitch)

Since August 12 we can observe the shooter-god live on Twitch again. Shroud's back, baby! After announcing his comeback for weeks with short videos, he is finally streaming various FPS titles again. How big was his comeback? Did he have more viewers than DrDisrespect? We have the numbers for you!

A battle of the giants. Goliath versus David, Twitch versus YouTube. Shroud vs. DrDisrespect. A battle that ended in a draw - at least for now. Both streaming superstars reached over 500,000 viewers at their peak. In fact, Shroud had 516,289, while DrDisrespect only had a few hundred more. We don't think a few hundred viewers who tuned in at just the right moment is what matters with these crowds. After all, over half a million people watched the two streamers - simply incredible numbers.

Here we have the numbers of Shroud's comeback stream as an overview for you:

Almost three million different people watched Shroud on just one streaming evening! In addition, the former Cloud9 player generated over 250,000 new followers and 16,500 new subscriptions. Even if all of them were "only" Tier 1 subscriptions, Shroud would have earned $85,000 in just seven and a half hours, regardless of the donations. These immense sums make parts of the community loud. Everything is being scrutinized by fans old and new:

"He made in one day what I made in two years...I should think about my career choice." - Anonymous

Yes, Shroud's a millionaire, but he can't help that. That's the way the system works - and in the end, it's the viewers that watch him, leave subscriptions and make donations. We are definitely very happy for Shroud and his incredible comeback. The man had numbers in one day, that many other streamers can only dream of even after years of streaming.

Shroud Stream-Comeback

Image credit: Shroud via Mixer

A Controversy and Shroud's Beard

And now the controversial point of his stream comeback: Shroud is rocking a beard. Yeah, heavy breathing... The community was divided: Does the superstar really have to wear a beard now? We hadn't heard from him for a long time and we hadn't seen Shroud for the same amount. Yesterday this unusual picture suddenly appeared. The human Aimbot now has a beard. You can find it however you like, after all, he must like it.

We just leave you with a suggestion:

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