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Make WoW Great Again! Shadowlands Is Nearly Upon Us!

Wo W Shadowlands beta

Where is the Shadowlands? Are we there yet? (Image credit: Blizzard Entertainment)

For the horde, people! The WoW: Shadowlands release is getting closer. Overnight, the release version has now been made available on the official test server. But when will the pre-patch be released?

WoW fans can rejoice as BFA is nearly behind us. Thank Uther! BFA was arguably one of the worst WoW expansions to date. So it is only up from here WoW fans but first, we have to die and make our journey to the Shadowlands. Overnight the release version of Shadowlands was made available on the WoW PTR. So the official pre-patch phase is probably coming soon. However, a concrete date is still missing, as Blizzard is still keeping it under wraps. The download for the pre-patch has been available for some time now as it started at the beginning of the week. So if you are looking to save time we suggest, you pre-download it so you can jump onto the new patch when it goes live.

Shadowlands Pre-Patch Release Date: Is it Next Wednesday?

We can only speculate about the exact release date of the Shadowlands pre-patch. In the past, the pre-patch usually lasted a good 4 weeks. Since the official release is scheduled for October 27, this would mean that we can expect the official pre-patch around September 30. Although the time between the announcement of the end of the current PvP season and the pre-patch is earlier than usual. Blizzard is always good for a few surprises. In any case, we are already looking forward to it. For those who do not know, a pre-patch usually unlocks items, changes to class abilities, and implements some new core systems to the game, all in preparation for the new expansion.

If you can't wait for the Shadowlands, then you can jump on the PTR and test it out for yourself or check out the Afterlives series created by Blizzard. The animated series gives you a short intro. of the new factions that control the Shadowlands.


What do you think about the latest WoW expansion? And when do you think the official pre-patch phase will start? How about discussing it with us on Facebook?

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