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SG 553 nerfed in latest CS:GO update

Sg 553 nerf short

The SG 553 might be on its way out of the CS:GO meta after the latest update. (Image credit:

Oh boy, oh boy, oh boiii! The SG 553 has been nerfed, the M4A1-S and Tec-9 have been buffed, a pixel boost on Overpass has been fixed… we’re heading back to 2014, lads!

Say goodbye to the SG553, welcome back, M4A1!

We just received the most groundbreaking CS:GO update since we lost Cache for Vertigo, but unlike those dark times, the changes made now are much more pleasing.

Where to begin? The weapons of course. The SG 553 has been dominating the T-side meta in the last year or so but just as the AUG’s glory days were cut short a while back, the other scoped rifle’s best moments seem to be cut short. Losing both fire rate and accuracy almost guarantees that the usage of this particular weapon is bound to drop fast. AK-47’s throne will once again be uncontested among terrorists.

We mentioned the AUG and we’re going to mention it again. The CT’s scoped partner in crime receives a little of both worlds. Its scoped accuracy has been reduced in exchange for an unscoped accuracy increase while standing. With the M4A1’s price going down by $200 and Valve’s decision to make the AUG’s scope a little bit less useful, we might be full on back to an AK-M4A1 meta in the summer. We were young once…

…but wait, there’s more! The nearly forgotten Tec-9 could be making a return as well. The reduced firing inaccuracy might not be enough to make it the ever-present companion of ecoing Ts it once was, but it’s a good step in that direction nonetheless. Another pistol touched by the CS:GO patch notes is the Desert Eagle. Increased accuracy while jumping could produce some spectacular highlights and amusing rage moments.

The last of the weapons to be altered by the CS:GO update is the Bizon. Don’t know about you lot, but I’ve personally waited for the Bizon meta to become a thing for half a decade. Please, Valve, make it happen! Increased armor penetration is only the first step. Scope and one shot to the leg kill for the Bizon incoming!

The rest of this CS:GO update

We only care about guns of course, but it turns out there are other parts of Counter:Strike we never knew about. Let’s see what Volvo did to those other parts.

For one, there were a lot of map alterations. Mostly minor, but still. The three most interesting moves are a pixel boost removal on Overpass (Olof is crying somewhere right now), a vision blockage under B site truck on Mirage and a new wallbang on Inferno. The wall next to the A site balcony door is now “bingelibangable”, which must be the most hilarious thing Valve have done that doesn’t involve wearing slippers on stage.

Anubis is making its way into competitive matchmaking out of the scrimmage vault. Chlorine remains in the gutter for now.

The map changes in particular are quite a few, so if you’re burning to know every little detail introduced to the game, see the full CS:GO update patch notes. For even more CS:GO maps, get familiar with the new ones – Anubis and Chlorine.

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