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Server Down! Fortnite Patch 13.30 Is Coming

Fortnite patch

New Fortnite patch promises to bring usable vehicles to the game. (Image credit: Epic Games)

Fortnite servers have been shut down for maintenance as Epic Games prepare to unleash Fortnite Patch 13.30. The patch notes have been released, so why not check them out while we wait to get back into the game? Seems like this update will be quite gigantic, therefore we have a lot to talk about.

Fortnite Pre-Release Patch 13.30 Notes

This new update promises more Summer Splash LTMs, numerous bug fixes and new features. For the time being the map will remain flooded in many areas, but the water level will drop again and release old known locations. This will make it easier to move around more...normally.

Cars in Fortnite

One of the trailers released for Fortnite Season 3 drew attention to the arrival of cars and promised that the current Battle Pass will offer "new ways to get around" and showed footage of some of the Fortnite vehicles. As a result, the new patch will finally add the cars to the game. Among the vehicles the fans got to see were a sports car, a pickup truck, a taxi and a regular truck.

As soon as the update is out, we will of course tell you how they work.

Fortnite autos2

New ways to maneuver might be available soon enough. (Image credit: HDxHEXA via Twitter)

Aquaman Atlantis Area Could Be Revealed

With the sinking water levels, players were able to get a first glimpse at the new area arriving with Season 3: Aquaman's Atlantis, which is currently still hidden under the waves.

The new area, which now forms a huge vortex, is located in the upper corner of the map. It is located west of Pleasant Parks and north of Sweaty Sands. Epic has not yet revealed exactly what the new POI will look like. There is a chance that it will be unveiled with Fortnite Patch 13.30.

Summer Splash LTMs

Another wave of LTMs will go live in this update at the Fortnite Summer Splash. This time the players will be able to show what they can do in "Revenge!", "Catch!" and "One Shot".

Heavy AR Returns to Fortnite Season 3

Some Fortnite fans already discovered the extremely popular Heavy AR in Black Manta's teaser on July 16. This suggests that the assault rifle could return with the new Fortnite 13.30 patch, after it was removed at the beginning of this season.

New Challenges

New challenges will spice up the game a bit. Be it new challenges for the designer screen to be individualized or new group tasks that you can complete together with your team, there will be a lot to do as usual.

Last but not least, Epic have taken care of some annoying bugs.

That's it for now. When the real thing arrives, we'll arrive as well with all the confirmed changes to Fortnite.

DC superhero Aquaman rolled into town, as did his arch-rival Black Manta. The flooded map has brought rising tides as well as new dangers like sharks. We'll soon be able to drive our way around the map. Fortnite keeps bringing fans excitement and we can't wait for the servers to be back online again so we can taste the latest upgrades ourselves.

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