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Server down! Fortnite Patch 12.60 - what to expect?

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Fortnite is closing its servers and the players are once again waiting impatiently. What will change? EarlyGame reveals what awaits us in patch 12.60.

Since 08:00 CET this morning the Fortnite servers were down. The reason: Maintenance work for the Fortnite patch 12.60. This is the first time since the start of Fortnite that there will be a ".60" update in a season. Until now the last updates of a season were always ".50".

A couple of hours later the update was done and servers were back online.

But now to what we are really interested in.

Spy Games LTM

Capture the Flag Call of Duty Vibes? With patch 12.60 a new game mode is added. Operation: Infiltration will be its name. The goal of the mode is to get the data suitcase from the opposing team and to make sure that your own suitcase does not reach the opposing team.

Battle Pass Decisions

A reminder will be added to Fortnite to remind each player to complete the remaining challenges of the season. Because once the current season is over, it will no longer be possible to choose the Ghost or Shadow faction or set the individual look for Maja.

Dynamic resolution for iOS

Cool feature for mobile gamers. A new integrated feature helps players with iOS to achieve the desired frame rate. Dynamic Resolution automatically adjusts the resolution of the game to maintain the desired frame rate. This can be turned on or off on iOS under the "Graphics Settings" tab in the menu.

Update for Party Royale

Want to have some more fun? In addition to water bombs and paint throwers, we will now be able to party with the grappler and jetpack in Party Royale mode. Furthermore, there will be a fine-tuning of some already existing attractions.

New Skins and Items

Of course, we can also expect some new skins and items in the shop. This week we'll see the new hero, Seawolf Jonesy, next to the new Fire Rat Buff!

We can also expect the Renegade Shadow in four different monochrome versions. Each with a different type of headgear. The shimmering specialist lives up to her name and stands out among the players with metallic trims on the jacket and bright pink stockings.

Starting next week: Adjustments for PC controllers

After the last FNCS tournament, fans were loudly calling for the Aim-Assist for controller players. Epic Games has probably listened to its fans, because in the patch notes they announce that they will optimize it. However, the changes are only planned for week three of FNCS.

The servers will probably still be down until noon, but some exciting changes will await us. Patch 12.60 is probably the last patch before the big live event and therefore the season finale. We can only guess what will happen, but we are sure: Doomsday will come!

Until then we have more news about Fortnite, gaming, and esports all on EarlyGame.

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