Riot has yet to release a Support or Mage Mid laner in 2020 – who will Seraphine be?

Seraphine Abilities Leaked – Is She Going to Be a Mid Laner or Support?

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Seraphine will be playable soon! (Image Credit: Riot Games)

Seraphine has been revealed. In a trailer by Riot Games showing off the new K/DA All Out Skins, Seraphine was finally shown on Summoner’s Rift. The reveal showed how K/DA will affect various Riot Games, such as Legends of Runeterra as well as TFT.

This also has fans speculating about Seraphine and how she will be utilized on Summoner’s Rift. Unfortunately, Riot has not revealed any specific information regarding her abilities, but that hasn’t stopped fans to try and figure out what the young singer will be able to do.

She will hit the Rift in Public Beta on October 13th, while most of us will have to wait until October 29th for her to go live. This is perfectly aligned with the 2020 World Championship finale, where she is set to take the stage with K/DA for the first time in Shanghai.

What Are the Leaked Abilities Though?

Fans have found her abilities in the Wild Rift Files, though most believe that she will have very similar, or even the same, abilities once she hits the PC version of League of Legends. So let’s quickly go through the leaked abilities the up-and-coming superstar might have:

Her Passive: Every 3rd basic ability will ‘Echo’ casting it again. Casting an ability will also grant ‘notes’ to nearby allies. Each note gives Seraphine extra range and magic damage. So basically, the TLDR is this: She can double cast.

Her Q: Her Q will deal magic damage to an area and the number of magic damage increases with the amount of missing health of the enemy hit. By combining this ability with her passive you’ll be able to have a large AoE damage attack.

Her W: This will shield nearby allies and grant them movement speed – basically a Karma Ult and Karma E combined. If the ally affected is already shielded the ability will heal them instead.

Her E: Her E will slow down enemies and deal magic damage. If they are already slowed, then Seraphine’s E will stun them instead.

As you can tell by her abilities they all have one thing in common. If used a second time, they always get a bit stronger, hence why they are perfectly coordinated with the passive ability. Now to make one thing clear, her passive does not work with her ultimate, since the passive only counts basic abilities. So the ultimate cannot be shot off twice, nor does it count as one of the three stacks.

Her R: Seraphine’s ultimate will deal magic damage as well as charm the enemy champion for a couple of seconds. This ability will extend if it reaches an ally or another enemy champion. Basically, it’s a combination of Ahri Charm as well as Sona Ultimate… or so it seems on paper at least.

By looking at these abilities it seems like you can really burst enemies down, especially in a teamfight by stacking your passive. Using your W into your E and finally, on your third ability, your Q will deal huge amounts of damage.

We can’t wait to find out if the detective work was right and how we can use Seraphine on the rift in the upcoming patches. Once we have the official announcement of Riot, be sure to check back and we will update you on Seraphine and her abilities.

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Are you as excited as we are to try out Seraphine? Let us know what you think of her potential kit on Twitter and Facebook. For more information regarding the 2020 World Championship keep reading on EarlyGame.

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