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The charity tournament series will continue next week

Sentinels Win the 100 Thieves “Gamers for Equality” Tournament

100 Thieves Gamers for Equality Valorant Tournament
The Sentinels team secured victory in the Valorant Charity Tournament. (Image credit: 100 Thieves)

The 100 Thieves "Gamers for Equality" Valorant tournament is over. In the grand final, team Sentinels scored a victory over Together We Are Terrific.

Los Angeles-based esports organization Sentinels around former Overwatch League MVP sinatraa are the winners of the Valorant 100 Thieves "Gamers for Equality" tournament. In an exciting final the selection defeated the team of Together We Are Terrific.

100 Thieves' Gamers for Equality Valorant Tournament

Eight teams, including 100 Thieves, competed in the 100 Thieves' Gamers for Equality Valorant tournament over the past few days. The charity tournament series kicked off at the beginning of the month in League of Legends, and after Valorant, the series will continue on July 15 with a Fortnite tournament for charity.

It features some of the biggest and most famous teams and players currently trying to make it in Riot's tactical shooter. After the exciting group stage, four teams moved into the playoffs, dominated by Sentinels.

In the semi-finals, the squad around superstar Jay "sinatraa" Won won 13:4 against Gen.G (winners of the T1 Valorant Invitational). Together We Are Terrific defeated Immortals with 13:6 in their second match.

Sentinels won their first final match 13-5, before they were defeated 9-13 in the second match. The decisive third game went to Sentinels again with a 13-2 win.

100 Thieves Valorant Tournament Placements

  • Place 1: Sentinels
  • Place 2: We Are Terrific
  • Place 3-4: Immortals
  • Place 3-4: Gen.G
  • Place 5-8: Cloud9
  • Place 5-8: Mixup
  • Place 5-8: 100 Thieves
  • Place 5-8: TSM

The 100 Thieves "Gamers for Equality" tournament in Valorant was the second in a series of three charity sports tournaments. Next week, on July 15, the event will continue with Fortnite so stay tuned for an update.

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