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Save the FUT money and ACTUALLY GET BETTER at FIFA 21


Get real about getting better at FIFA 21 with the ultimate Gamers Academy FIFA 21 Skillbook. (Image Credit: Gamers Academy)

Defending in FIFA 21 is hard and we know: A lot of you are terrible at it. No hate, just facts... sorry. So, what to do to get better? You consult teachers, study books and watch tutorials to get better at math, languages and everything else. Why should FIFA be any different? The new Gamers Academy FIFA 21 Skillbook, combines all the above and saves you some money on FUT to destroy your opponents with actual skill!

How are you gonna get better at FIFA 21 by spending coins on your FUT? That's like paying for a gym membership without attendance and expecting gains. No, no, no. Real growth comes from real learning. Now, if schools taught us anything it is that learning is best done with great teachers, trainings sessions, and video tutorials. Well to get better at FIFA 21... you know where this is going: Gamers Academy did a great job combining it all into their FIFA 21 Skillbook.

Here you get it with a 25% discount with the code EarlyGame25


Why? Well how does this sound:

  • Have access to 300+ tutorials about FIFA21
  • Created by FIFA World Champ MoAuba
  • Exclusive access to MoAuba's Masterclass
  • Win a coaching by MoAuba
  • Join weekly Challenges
  • Weekly updated content on FIFA21
  • 25% discount with EarlyGame25
Skillbook Screen

Take MoAuba's FIFA 21 Masterclass and get better with the Gamers Academy FIFA 21 Skillbook. (Image Credit: Gamers Academy)

FIFA 21 Skillbook: World Champ MoAuba will teach you

You know those director or basketball or whatever Masterclasses with the likes of Martin Scorsese or Steph Curry? MoAuba is that for FIFA 21 and this Masterclass doesn't cost an arm and a leg. Better yet: With the code EarlyGame10 you get an additional 10% off.

Nuff said, right?

So either keep dropping your cash on FUT and try to purchase some wins or make a one time purchase and actually improve your game by following this link:


Do not forget the code EarlyGame25 for 25% off!

For more on Gamers Academy head on over to their website. And for even more videos, click through our video section or browse our YouTube channel.

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