Misfits Gaming continue to be plagued by mid-game errors

Rogue Remain at the Helm of the LEC

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Once more, Misfits Gaming came close to a victory against a strong opponent only to be doomed by a series of mistakes in the mid-game. If there is one LEC team that can be relied to punish any errors, it is Rogue.

Arguably the summer split’s biggest positive surprise, Rogue came into this game on a four-game winning streak. Despite a much worse record in recent games, Misfits Gaming were not a team to take lightly,however, as their last victory was against none other than the Rogue’s biggest rival this split: MAD Lions. True to their form as a powerful early game team, Misfits took two early kills. However, Rogue would eventually equalize and come out slightly ahead by the end of the early game. From then on, the two teams remained neck and neck for nearly 20 minutes.

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What started as a positional victory for Misfits who pushed out their opponents and had a wave in the mid lane went awry when they chased Rogue only for them to turn around and get four kills and the Baron. Misfits did not give up and two minutes later won a fight near the dragon pit to keep Rogue from securing ocean soul,though they did lose an inhibitor to a push with the purple buff. The game was finally decided to a fight for the ocean soul,where despite Misfits having a good start Kacper "Inspired" Słoma stole it from under their noses. Rogue teleported two players in the enemy base while the rest of the team stopped any recalls and this gave them the victory. With this, Rogue remain at the top of the standings and will stay there along if MAD falls to Fnatic. Misfits, on the other hand, remain in the lower half of the table with a 5-7 record, though they are only one game behind many of their rivals.

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