The spring finalists were not able to put Rogue down

Rogue Defeat Fnatic to Remain Tied for First Place in LEC

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Fnatic made a few mistakes too many against Rogue and were punished for it. With this win, Rogue remains locked in first place alongside MAD Lions.

Rogue Starting Strong

The last Friday game featured Spring finalists Fnatic taking on one of the big surprises of the split – the Rogue team that remains tied for first alongside MAD Lions. Rogue took first blood in the bottom lane and retained a small gold lead for much of the early game despite Fnatic’s attempts to find picks.

That difference would slowly grow as Rogue secured several towers and just 18 minutes in, they took their third drake.

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Divide and Conquer

Fnatic got several towers of their own to keep the gold close and 24 minutes in won a key fight near the dragon pit to deny the infernal soul and get three kills as they punished Rogue for splitting up.

However, in the next big fight, it was Fnatic that would split up and Emil "Larssen" Larsson’s Azir played gatekeeper, allowing Rogue to take out the enemy jungler and then secure the infernal soul shortly afterward. Fnatic did not give up, however, and a few minutes later got a kill on the enemy support – only to chase too far and lose three in return. Rogue picked up the baron and with it, they broke into the Fnatic base to take their 11th win of the split.

Fnatic had some good moments in this game, but they made too many mistakes – and Rogue once more lived up to their reputation of a team that can exploit a weakness.


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