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Rogue Company: How to Play Beta For Free, Cross Play, Cross Progression! Everything You Need to Know


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Rogue Company can easily be played for free and we will show you how! The new game by Hi Rez can be purchased, but there are easy ways to get a beta key and play the game for free.

With our guide, you should get beta access in no time. Here are the steps again:

Go to the Rogue Company website, click on 'Drops Info', link up your PC, PS4, Xbox or Switch account. Next, you have to link up your Twitch account and then watch a Rogue Company Twitch stream with drops enabled with said Twitch account. Give it a couple hours or days and you'll have your key. Make sure to not mute yourself and mark your profile as 'online' on Twitch.

Rogue Company is shaping up to be an interesting game that allows cross play and cross progression between PS4, Xbox, PC and Switch right from the start!

All eyes are on Rogue Company now and even Dr Disrespect already promised that, as a #RoguePartner, he will bring speed, violence and momentum to the game. More specifically: He wants to design a map for Rogue Company. With the support of DrDisrespect, views and engagement with Rogue Company will certainly go up rather than down.

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